The impetus of setting up a Childhood Cancer Foundation was motivated by a study entitled “The Impact of Childhood Cancer on the Chinese Family”. The study was sponsored by the National Sciences Council of the Republic of China in 1981 indicated the tremendous impact of childhood cancer and the family and called for setting up a childhood cancer foundation in order to render assistance to children and their families. In response to and encouraged by Dr. I. Martinson, Dr. K.S. Lin, Professor of Pediatric Oncologist, Dr. C.H. Lee, Professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Y. M.(Yu) Chao, Professor of Nursing, and Dr. Y. C. Chen, Associate Professor of Nursing at National Taiwan University took the initiative in organizing such a foundation. With the support from people at various level of community, the Childhood Cancer Foundation of the Republic of China was formally established in 1982.









Green color symbolizes the vitality of children with cancer. It is hoped that CCF can help children with cancer to go through the challenge of treatment courses and face the future with smiling.


        The goals of the Foundation are to provide appropriate care for Children with cancer and to promote awareness of and concern for children with cancer.


        The work of the Foundation is multi-faceted:

  1. Setting up a database of children with cancer in order to determine the incidence rate and mortality rate, to establish geographical distribution of children with cancer and to determine their needs.
  2. Subsidizing medical expenses and financial support by providing anticancer medicine, financial assistance for children with cancer receiving surgical treatment, radio-therapy and bone marrow transplantation.
  3. Providing continuity care including follow-ups by telephone consultation, home care, and hospital care for children with cancer.
  4. Sponsoring parents’ meeting to facilitate close contact among health professionals and parents, to introduce new information on cancer and to answer questions from parents.
  5. Publishing the quarterly newsletter to provide new information and media for parents and children to exchange and share their feelings as well as to acknowledge contributions from the public.
  6. Providing public education by publishing pamphlets.
  7. Providing training programs for nurses so that more well-trained nurses are available to ensure quality care.
  8. Setting up a well-organized health care network to ensure that children with cancer receive the same standard of treatment and care at the different treatment centers.
  9. Sponsoring research to identify the needs of children and their parents.
  10. Raising funds as the main financial sources of this Foundation. The amount of financial support offered to children with cancer depends upon the donations from charity-minded people in society. We sincerely welcome donations from every one of you with any amount of money both here and abroad.